Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LouAnna coconut oil

So this weekend I decided to purchase some coconut oil. My hair has been dying for some  additional moisture!. My friend told me that she has seen coconut oil at Walmart. So I bought some this weekend. I was afraid to use it so I hot the blogs. I mean like u get a huge tub of it for 6 bucks!. Many women said they use and but some said they prefer undefined oil. So I said what the hey....I'm going I sectioned my hair and applied my shea moisture conditioner that I also purchased this weekend ( I kno I'm a total PJ) after applying the conditioner I scooped some coconut oil in my hand..BTW in case you don't know "coconut oil" will be solid until a certain temp. When u put it in your hand it will melt. So it has been about 10 minutes and my hair is totally noticably softer!. Definitely more so than with my olive oil. So this is definitely a keeper. Maybe once this is gone I will get some if the more expensive coconut oil. But for now LouAnna will work for me. The next oil will be Almond oil. I hear wonders about that too. Until next time - Honey B

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